June 26, 2019

POA Spring Meeting Agenda

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2019 Spring Meeting

Election Results

Country Club of Arkansas Property Owners Association

Election Results

November 21, 2018

Mike Chastain = 45 votes

Presidents Report to the General Membership 10-9-18

Country Club of Arkansas Property Owners Association

President’s Report

Fall Meeting

Oct 9, 2018

My Fellow Members and guests:

It is my honor to present this 2018 annual report. This year your Board continues to focus on reducing expenses, improving common area curb appeal, green space maintenance and reducing response time to concern forms. Special thanks are in order for Kevin Corbell and John Todd for their extraordinary efforts in providing superior coordination of common area maintenance resulting in improved efficiency in the contracting process. Your Board is very aware of the need to maintain a financially solvent, active PoA as the best safeguard against property devaluations and loss of confidence from lending institutions. The collection of past CCoA POA dues remains a priority of the Board and continued improvement is evident in the accuracy of ownership data and reduced account delinquencies. Your Board has also maintained excellent response time to collection of insurance claim payments for CCoA PoA property damaged by automobile accidents.

The CCoA POA works for you because you continue to provide timely concern forms (available as download from website CCOAPOA.org). Once your concern form is sent via USPS or CCOAPOA@gmail.com, the Board will review and respond at the next scheduled meeting.

Thank you for allowing us to continue to serve you.

Mike Chastain

Board President


P.O. Box 13685

Maumelle, AR 72113

Portable Building

If you are considering a portable building on your property, Maumelle Code Enforcement should be your first call. There is a set of rules and inspections required by the city. If you live in phase 23 (NLR), that phase has a separate set of rules. The Bill of Assurance for your phase, depending on your address, will have additional regulations. The Bills of Assurances can be found on our website. If you have any questions, please email us your contact number and someone will call you back.