March 8, 2021

2020 Candidate Biographies

Orlando Martinez

I have lived in Maumelle since 2002 (Diamond Point subdivision) and in 2018 moved to the Quarters subdivision after my wife of 34 years and I built our retirement home which we plan to be in for the next 15-20 years. I retired from the US Air Force in 2008 after 24 years of service and since then have worked at Little Rock Air Force Base as a flight simulator instructor pilot. My interest in joining the CCoA POA Board of Directors stems from a desire to promote and ensure a safe, beautiful and peaceful community as well as ensuring sound fiduciary discharge of our POA dues. I have a strong work ethic and possess leadership-followership, team building, fiscal, and managerial skills. Previous volunteer work has been with Veteran’s Hospitals and Special Olympics.

Anthony Gallucci

My family and I have lived in the Maumelle community for 7 years now. We recently moved into the Country Club of Arkansas area and love every bit of it. I currently serve on the Arkansas Heart Association and the Arkansas Urology Foundation Board.  I would be honored not to only serve, but be an ACTIVE member of the CCOA Board. It is my goal to be a voice and actions of my fellow neighbors and friends.