October 28, 2021

2020 Presidents Letter (Spring)

My Fellow Members and guests:

It is my honor to present the Spring 2020 semi-annual report.  Your Board is focused on the safety of all CCoA PoA members, as their lives are impacted by COVID-19, so your Board has voted to cancel the Spring meeting as we continue to implement best practices to remotely manage expenses, improve curb appeal and fine-tune green space mowing intervals.  We have completed the 2020 bid process, per our Scope of Work, by awarding separate contracts for mowing and bed maintenance.  Your Board is also developing a Scope of Work for maintenance of the complex sprinkler system serving the CCoA PoA.  

The 2020 dues increase, the 1st since formation of the PoA, is projected to  provide a minimal cash surplus based on current cost assumptions so thank you for your understanding as we strive to maintain a fiscally solvent PoA.  

The Board depends on you providing input, on your concerns, via the concern form available on our website.  Once you complete and send your concern form (via USPS or CCOAPOA@gmail.com) the Board assigns a tracking code, reviews and works to respond in 72 hours.   

The www.ccoapoa.org website is also your source for general information about your PoA and for downloading Bills of Assurance and the CCoA PoA Bylaws. 

Stay safe, spend time with family & thank you for allowing us to serve you.

Mike Chastain

Board President